Greaterthan is a collective that has done and continues to do a lot of work around money and how it flows. Many times we discussed how our values can also be reflected in our approach to the pricing of courses and other offerings.

As of February 6th 2023, the pricing of the Thriving Networks Course is starting to be based on a model we call “Contribution within Capacity” (or in other contexts known as sharing or gift economy).

This new model is in deep alignment with what we teach in the course –  breaking the exchange logic of capitalism. It also stands for values that are relevant to us: partnership, accessibility, sustainability, needs-based among others.

We want to give more room to the participants’ needs and to ours as well. You can find the contribution model on the website, if you have questions or are unsure about your contribution, drop us a line [email protected]!

In the following paragraph we will focus on making our needs as transparent as possible.

What does it cost to run this course?

To be able to deliver a high quality live course with two facilitators, our desired income to run it sustainably would be a net income of 8.000€ per cohort. This calculation is based on and includes the work that goes into:

We aim for our courses to be delivered with very high quality and to be prioritised alongside the other paid engagements we do at Greaterthan - we mainly do consulting work and courses -  which is why we aim for each facilitator to receive 3.000€ net per cohort. Our ideal number would be 5.000€ per facilitator.

How we arrived at the “Sustainability” contribution

With an aimed average of 25 participants and 8.000€/ cohort as the aim, the average price per person would be approximately 320€.

The reality that we experienced in previous cohorts though is that about a third of participants need a total or partial scholarship to participate. In order to truly make this course accessible and support those with lower financial means , we created the ticket tier Support others / “my organisation is paying for me”. This is recommended for either those who a) their participation is paid for by their  organisation or b) want to support the sustainability of this course with this specific amount.

As the pricing for the course is self-assessed, of course those who want to support can also give any amount above 450€ – any amount above the “regular ticket” recommendation is very welcome and contributes to us being able to run this course well. Another reason why we are shifting towards the “contribution within capacity” model is that we don’t want people in need to have to ask for a scholarship. We want this course should reach as many purpose networks and want their creators and builders to feel empowered to access this course no matter their financial resources.

An example of how this could work is the following (without VAT):